Mapping the sustainability network of Northeast Ohio

What is sustainability and where do I find it?

Sustainability is an organizing principle moving Northeast Ohio into the 21st century. Hundreds of organizations and projects are making us more prosperous, more equitable, and more environmentally responsible. Indeed the regional network is bigger than we think!

To gain a better understanding of the breadth and significance of this network, we have begun creating an interactive map. The map uses graphical display software called TheBrain, which allows you to click on nodes of the network and see the map redraw to display new relationships between organizations. It's a cool online tool for exploration.

Click on the link below to go to the map. A new window will open in your browser, so this page will remain available. If you need help or more instructions, check the helpful hints below.

Go to the network map.

Help us build the map!

This map is the product of early brainstorming about the sustainability network in the region. As you view it, please note what's missing. Who else is doing good work related in some way to sustainability? What projects are setting a new agenda for the region?

If you notice missing pieces, please email them to us. The process is open and collaborative. We need your ideas.

Once it's more fully developed, the map can be used in a number of ways: To build a stronger identity for sustainability in the region (e.g., promote Northeast Ohio as a place creating green cities on a blue lake), to promote strategic thinking about what's needed to advance a sustainability agenda, and to provide a platform for creating new, collaborative projects. To make the map more useful, we will soon be adding hyperlinks to the nodes, so that clicking on the name of an organization will take you to its website.

Hints for viewing the map

In order for the map to work on your computer, your browser must be Java enabled. If you don't have Java, click the button below to download a free copy from Sun Microsystems. The Java website will lead you through a painless installation process that just takes a couple of minutes.

Note: You may have to enable pop-ups for this site in order to view the network map.

To navigate the map, just click on each node of the network. The map will redraw to place that node in the middle of the map. At the lower right of the window is a small circle that you can click on to return to the beginning of the map. The arrows at the lower right allow you to retrace your steps.

There are three kinds of nodes: Areas of practice (the nine main subject areas of the network, including arts, building, business, education, energy, food, health, land use & transportation, placemaking, and water), organizations, and projects.

There are also two kinds of links. Links that extend above and below a node show a direct relationship (e.g., that an organization is responsible for a project linked below it). Links extending to the left indicate a less formal relationship (e.g., that an organization is collaborating with another organization or is a partner in a project). For instance, the Sustainability Programs Manager is a project under the City of Cleveland and has a number of links to the left connecting to members of the project steering committee.

You can also use the search box at the lower left of the window to find a name on the map. Type in the name of an organization or project to see if it's listed. If it is, click on it, and the map will redraw and place that item in the middle.




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